Christmas Lights

These Warm White LED Mini Lights saved my marriage. Well…kinda. You could say it was the neighbor who introduced these to us who really saved our marriage. Again, sorta. Last year Andy switched our Christmas tree lights over to LED. And I cried all of December. They were SO BRIGHT!!!!!!!! Our tree is in our family room and I love sitting in the glow of it at night watching television. Up until last year. Last year we needed sunglasses. It was as though we had put an airport landing strip in the corner of our room. We kept it off most nights. It was just too BRIGHT.

So I dreaded putting up the tree this year. Because of those lights. But apparently enough people like us must have complained to the light people. Because this year? “Warm White”….WARM white. #forthewin

Andy saw our neighbor putting up these warm white lights and so I rushed to Walmart and spent even more money on new lights for this year. They are perfect. Our warm glow of a tree at nighttime has returned. All is right in the holiday family room. Then…another nearby friend told me about the Light Keeper. Had I known about this handy tool we might not have had to even think about going to LED lights at all yet. Have you tried it? It apparently is the best thing ever for finding which light goes bad on a strand.



And finally…wow! Do I wish I had thought of the Star Shower. The first one in my neighborhood looked so cool. And it still does. But now they are everywhere! Great idea.





Are you a white light or multi-color decorator?

Do you decorate outside for the holidays?


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