Things I Discovered This Summer

Here’s a short list of Random Things I Discovered This Summer…

  • The Nightingale is a FANTASTIC book. Not a quick-beach-read type of book. But an excellent story. Grab the tissues.
  • Lachey’s in OTR is worth trying. I had low expectations and it was great. The food was awesome. Spicy Garlic Tot Bowl? Zucchini Frites? YUM! Skip the Brussel Sprouts. The Turkey Burger? Well…
  • Inspired by the EXCELLENT Turkey Burger at Lachey’s, we’ve been grilling turkey burgers and topping them with avocado and goat cheese. So good.IMG_1741
  • Odd Mom Out is the first show I’ve watched on Bravo. It is very, very funny. So funny I watched the entire first season in two nights. I love everything about it. It is scripted and worth watching. The Bravo commercials? Who watches all that “reality” stuff? Those commercials are crazy.
  • The cocktails downtown at Prime 47 are some of the best I’ve had. Next time you are out for the night, skip the usual places near the Aronoff Center and try the bar at Prime 47. Our entire meal was great, but pricey. However, I’d go back in a heartbeat for a cocktail and the crab cake appetizer.
  • I must get rid of stuff. It accumulates and accumulates and accumulates. The kids get toys for birthdays and holidays and hand-me-downs and they multiply. The art work and crafts reproduce like rabbits. My house is filled with stuff I don’t need. This school year I will declutter. Over and over and over again friends are posting about the same book. It’s headed my way in the mail right now. We’ll see if it helps.Tidying-Up
  • Touchnote is changing my life. Need to send a quick greeting card or postcard? Don’t have time to run to the store? Have a great picture to use? Create it yourself on Touchnote. I LOVE this app. Stella used my phone and photos of herself to create birthday thank you postcards. She selected a photo, typed a greeting, and found addresses in my contact list. Tapped SEND and it was complete! Card prices range based upon how many “credits” you purchase at a time. But for about $1.50-$1.75 you can send a personalized message in the “real” mail in the matter of seconds.

What have you discovered lately?

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