The 1989 Concert


I should really rename this post “The Time I Had to Eat My Words”. I swore I wouldn’t take an elementary school kid to a concert. The first concert I can remember attending was Tiffany and New Kids on the Block at King’s Island way back in 1989 (thank you Google for verifying). I was heading into SEVENTH grade.

I had mom friends take little ones to concerts and it just sounded insane. Until a few weeks ago. It all started when a friend had a last minute chance to get really good Taylor Swift tickets. Did I want to take my girls as well? Who cares about the girls, I wanted to go! I mean, of course, what a fun idea!

My girls had NO CLUE. We managed to keep it a surprise. Stella and Charlotte were shocked when we dropped Henry at daycare and I then told them GIRLS TRIP!

First stop? Pick up our friends. Major surprise already. Second stop? Lunch of their choice.


As we drove to Louisville, my friend gave them clues every 20-30 minutes that she put together ahead of time. Each clue was 3-part. They unwrapped them, read the clues, and still had no clue. The girls were convinced we were taking them camping and we would be staying up all night doing hair and nails.Taylor-Swift-1989-Concert-Lousville-2015-CluesIn the hotel lobby, they opened the final clue. They unwrapped the Taylor Swift concert tickets!


We arrived in town early enough to walk around downtown, grab dinner nearby and still enjoy all the excitement out in front of the KFC Yum! Center. The girls loved watching all of the other young girls perform karaoke to a multitude of Taylor Swift songs. However, none of ours wanted to get up and sing in front of everyone. My friend and I were shocked by all of the people “in costume”. So many girls and guys were dressed up as Taylor Swift’s songs and videos. Some of which I didn’t understand until I watched a few videos after the concert.



The show itself was amazing. Although I really wish they would start these things around 4:00! Vance Joy was a great opener, but we already needed a nap when Taylor Swift finally took the stage at 8:30. She performed for an entire two hours. Charlotte started asking “When is it over?” around 9:45, but Stella could have kept singing and dancing until morning. Overall, everyone had a great time. After a quick walk back to the hotel, we crashed for the night and drove back the next day.


Would I recommend taking a 6-year old to a concert? Not exactly. She did better than I expected. But I won’t be running right out to grab her some more tickets. 8-10 years old is probably a much better age. But I don’t regret going at all. It was a unique opportunity that I am glad we took!

Have you taken your kid(s) to a concert yet?

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