Swim Bag Checklist for Kids

Pool Season is HERE!

It’s pool season and I love it! The only thing I don’t like about pool season is the process of packing up to go to the pool. Charlotte LOVES to pack her own bag and helps me get everything ready to go. However, the bags she always used were inconsistent and too small. And once she started packing her own bag, Henry wanted to do the same. While I was at Walmart a few weeks ago I came across some great pool bags in many different colors. They were small enough for each kid to carry his/her own, but large enough for a towel and other essentials. I saw that they were only $5/piece and quickly grabbed three to make my life easier.

Swim Bags for Each Kid


Packing the Swim Bag for the Pool

And it was a bit easier. But then I was constantly yelling from across the house…”Did you pack a towel?” “Did you pack goggles?” “Did you grab a snack?” “Do you have clothes to change into?” “Do you have a bag for your wet suit?” And I was repeating it three times and double checking three bags.

We needed a checklist. I made a list on paper, but then Henry couldn’t read it all and was very frustrated. I did NOT want to continue this process for the next few months until the pool closed again. I sat down at the computer and created a visual. (Some of you are sighing and thinking – “of course you did”.)


Swim Bag Checklist

We picked a spot in the laundry room on the wall to post our new checklist. We’ll see how it goes. It’s definitely a huge help when the kids can pack and carry their own items for the pool. You can easily create your own checklist. There are TONS of cute clipart graphics of pool items. Or you can just print my photo below (right click, save image, then print it). I took my own pictures so that I could share it without worrying about any copyright issues.


Happy Swimming!

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