I Decided to Delete Facebook



I must admit that Facebook is such a time-sucker for me. And I find myself wanting to check it more and more and more often. And then when I do an hour goes by before I realize I’ve been sitting scrolling through Facebook on my phone for an hour. Ugh. And in reality, I probably am only interested in 25% of what is even posted. I have to dig through ads, games, quotes, crafts, “must-see-videos”, “must-read-articles”, recipes, etc. to see what my real friends are posting about their real lives. (And yes, I post some of that crap too.) I know I could configure it all to filter certain things, add things to “interests”, etc. but I’m not going to spend the time to learn all of that.

So instead I deleted Facebook from my phone to see what impact it will have. I want to try it for 30 days. We’ll see how long I last. The areas I feel I “need” to stay connected every day are the Facebook groups. And here’s the crutch. Until last night I had no idea there was a Facebook Groups App. Did you? I am the administrator for two school groups and need to keep up with what is posted, what needs to be posted, etc. And some of my other main interests are also groups I belong to. In total, I am in 12 groups. So I downloaded the Groups App and can still have access to those when I’m on-the-go during the day.

Don’t get confused. I am not quitting Facebook. I like it for all the positive things it can do. I just need to cut it from every resting minute of my life. I feel like I check it 20 times a day between errands, etc. I’m sure I’ll still browse at night while sitting on the couch. Make sense?

30 days. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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