Did You Know…

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the last year that I wish someone had told me sooner…

Did you know…that you can order fries at Chick-fil-A “well-done” and they are crispy and not mushy? I did it on my last visit and they were awesomely perfect.

Did you know…that when you are at Chick-fil-A, your kids can return the kids meal unopened book/toy in exchange for an ice cream cone?

Did you know…that they now make electrical outlets with USB ports built right into them? Best switch-out we did in our kitchen desk area!

Did you know…that Sonic will sell you bags of their amazing “nugget” ice?

Did you know…that you should put a thermometer in your oven to know the real temperature? My oven setting is always 25 degrees off.

Did you know…about the website 6pm.com? Great deals!! I just got $80 rain boots for $35.

Did you know…that Wendy’s has an Apple Pecan Chicken salad that is really yummy for a fast food salad? It’s a 600 calorie salad, so it’s not exactly a healthy option. And I’d completely forgotten about the $0.99 Frostys! So much cheaper than a milkshake treat for my kids somewhere else.

Did you know…that there are professional Lice Doctors? Nit pickers on call. For real. Moms I know say we have a fantastic local one if you are ever in need.

Did you know…they make sandals with bottle openers built into the soles? Search “reef bottle opener sandal” on Amazon. Tons of choices. These are flip flops any dad would love as a gift. And they are apparently extremely comfortable.

Did you know…CAbi has stores at outlet malls? I asked the rep about them at the CAbi party I attended. She said it is clothes from previous seasons at great prices.

Did you know…Jimmy Johns will sell their day-old bread super cheap? I love to grab some when I am making meatball subs for dinner.

Did you know…that bacon is so YUMMY and perfectly crisp if you just bake it. Line a cookie sheet (make sure it has a lip) with foil and bake in the oven for 30-45 minutes on 400. No splatter! You are welcome.

Did you know…you can purchase “food court” items with your cart items in the Costco check-out line so you don’t have to have cash with you? Lady in front of me today bought a bratwurst and took her receipt to the food counter.

LOCALS, Did you know…Chef’s Cafe on Fields Ertel sells the same chicken salad everyone loves at Jungle Jim’s? It’s on Fields Ertel between McCauly and Butler Warren in a strip center behind the Sunoco.

LOCALS, Did you know…Troy’s Cafe in Mason has a drive-up carry-out window? Call ahead and then drive right up so you don’t have to get out of the van containing screaming kids.

LOCALS, Did you know…Book Bums now has a second location inside of Kids First Sports. The Waldorf Salad and Corn Chowder (and kids cheesy pizza) are my favorites!

Any tips for us? Anything I should know?

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