Habits for a Healthy Home

Ok…I admit that a lot of things we do for health do not have much validity and there is mixed data/opinion/research/hype. However, I still am currently falling victim to a lot of them! HA! I’ll try anything to stay healthy.

A teacher recently told me about the Grape Juice trick (I read about it HERE because it was the first thing that popped up on Google). I have no idea if it works, but we’ve added it to our diet lately instead of orange juice in the morning.


Other things we all take: Vitamin D, Probiotics, Daily Multi-Vitamins, and Fish Oil. I am the only one who will eat the raw local honey plain, but I hide it in things for the others (smoothies, oatmeal, etc.).


And the fruit! I spend a small fortune on berries every week. But my kids LOVE strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. These fruits are supposed to be full of good things, so I keep paying for them. I hope they offset the payment of a doctor bill. (I always add spinach in smoothies as well.)


Yogurt. If I spend a small fortune on berries, then I spend a large fortune on yogurt. I keep it stocked in the kids’ snack bin in the fridge. They are allowed to eat it at every meal and in-between.

AND we still use paper towels at home in our bathrooms instead of cloth hand towels. The kids know that the routine when we arrive home is 1) shoes off, 2) coats off, and 3) WASH HANDS before they do anything else.

So far this season has been great for us. Of course, as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, I’ll probably have jinxed us and we’ll be down-and-out for weeks. {Sigh}

What do YOU do at home to prevent sickness?

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