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It might only be February, but some summer camps are already advertising and taking enrollments. And for a few of them, if you don’t sign up early, you won’t get in. Last year my girls did a variety of different camps. Charlotte did the Pony Camp at Parky’s Farm and a Caregiver Art Spark camp. Stella did the Horse Camp at the Winton Woods Riding Center, a “When I Grow Up” Art Spark camp, and a Nature camp at Sharon Woods. It was a lot of fun for both girls, but also a lot of camp! Plus, they were both on the neighborhood swim team. So this year choices had to be made. We are not repeating everything from last year.


Both girls chose ponies and horses again. So we will return to the Great Parks of Hamilton County Summer Camps at Winton Woods and Parky’s Farm. And Henry will finally be old enough to join them. I did look into two other farms for horse camps, but with Henry’s interest (he has been patiently waiting to be FOUR to be able to attend) it just makes sense to return to the same camps as last year for a great cost.




If you are local, I highly recommend attending the Summer Fair Fun at one of the Lakota High Schools the first week of March. Any family is welcome to attend. It is set up like a job fair, but each summer activity has a booth and information to give out. There is a list of participating organizations on the Summer Fair Fun website. It is an easy way to learn about summer programs and get questions answered on the spot. Plus, last year there were some fun giveaways!

What summer camp(s) do your kids love?


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