My Favorite Fitness Apps

I’m back into the fitness/health/exercise/call-it-what-you-want thing. The holidays are never easy for me. Not enough time to get to every exercise class and food and drinks and Christmas cookies are everywhere! But now I’m back into my routine. And I have three main apps to thank for that.

The MINDBODY Connect app is my link to Game On Fitness studio. I use it to schedule my fitness classes and have them automatically added to my calendar. After every class I log it into RunKeeper. It tracks all of my exercise and calories burned. I have been using RunKeeper longer than any of the fitness apps I use. I started using it to track walks/runs through the neighborhood. It will automatically track your route and mileage. But it has improved over time to where I can now log a barre or Zumba class as well. I like using this app because it “talks” to MyFitnessPal. A neighbor got me hooked on this app last fall. The truth is…if I don’t track my food…I eat a lot of “extras” during the day. If I have a calorie range and commit to tracking it, then I stay within it so much better. And RunKeeper tells MyFitnessPal how many extra calories I earned through exercise that day. i have not used CharityMiles much…yet. Mainly because I haven’t been out walking/running much this winter. CharityMiles will allow you to earn money for a selected charity while you complete your walk. The downside is that it is a super basic app and does not “talk” to any other fitness app. So when I begin using this, I’ll have to manually log my miles into RunKeeper.

Andy got a Fitbit Flex for Christmas. He uses their app for both exercise and food tracking (and sleep tracking). I’m not sure how it is about tracking exercise that is not walking/running because he’s been spending all of his time on the treadmill and it tracks that just fine. However, I know that the food database is not nearly as large as MyFitnessPal because I am often able to find items he cannot.

What fitness/health/exercise/food tracking apps do you use?

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