It’s Snack Time – What’s in My Pantry

Excuse the photo quality. I was going for quick. Sometimes we get in a snack rut at our house. There’s only so much Skinny Pop popcorn and wine I can consume. Ha! And my kids? They go through phases. One week they love something and the next week they won’t touch it. Therefore I’m always looking for a new snack to add to the rotation.

I thought things might be similar for you. Here is what is currently in my pantry. Now…don’t get judge-y. You will see organic, non-organic, allergy crazy, sweet, salty, etc. in my post. Which is exactly like my pantry. I can never make up my mind on what exact type of foodie I am…my food thoughts are often scattered.

I was really unsure about these Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds. They were a Christmas present. I forgot about them and then got them out at my last Scandal party just to see if anyone would try them. I am now so very sad I shared. I might have two more containers restocked in the pantry.


Pretzel Crisps are a family favorite in general. Um, anything in bulk at Costco normally is. However, like anything else, we got tired of them. Then I saw these at the grocery store. Mini anything is super cute…am I right? The kids acted like they had NEVER had pretzel crisps before and asked for more and more and more. They are also an awesome size to pack in tiny lunch containers.


Oh the curse of Brownie Brittle! A friend introduced this to me and we now buy it in bulk at Costco. They carry large bags and individual bags at our location. A great sweet treat.


Peanut butter is a favorite at our house. These pretzel sandwiches are a good snack at our house. They would be an allergy nightmare at others.


I love chocolate. I love caramel. I love peanut butter. Therefore, these are all mine. I keep them hidden and the kids have never even had the chance to try them. I LOVE chocolate. These are a great lower calorie, really chocolaty treat that keeps me from eating entire boxes of Girl Scout cookies or pints of ice cream.


Goldfish and bunnies are hit or miss with my kids. Since they don’t ask for them all the time, I usually buy them when they do. They also pack great in small lunch containers.


These pumpkin-nut-cluster-thingies were truly one of those “the-snack-lady-at-Costo-made-me-buy-it” purchases. All the kids loved the sample and so in the cart they went.


What snacks are in your pantry?

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