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My kids have discovered the television show “Leave it to Beaver” thanks to both Common Sense Media and Netflix. I am thrilled that there are 101 glorious episodes to view. They now beg to watch one show before bedtime. I think we are on episode #7. I get so tired of what is currently on TV. Henry (4) and Charlotte (6) still really like cartoons, but Stella (7.5) is starting to just tolerate them. More and more she wants to watch “Jessie” or “Dog With a Blog” or “Girl Meets World”. And rightfully so. They are geared towards the 8+ crowd that she is quickly approaching, but they are not exactly what I want Charlotte and Henry watching all the time.

I really wanted something we could all watch together. So I headed over to Common Sense Media to try to find a “family” show. And don’t get me wrong, “Leave it to Beaver” can be said to have its own set of issues – “Stereotypical white middle-class suburban ’50s family who get along well (too well, some might argue). Minorities are absent.” states Common Sense Media. But the kids are loving it. And so far the points of each episode have been pretty good. If anything it will help balance out the other stuff we do watch. It’s all about being well-rounded, right? Now I need to find some other old classics. I checked and I’m bummed that “Little House on the Prairie” is not on Netflix. I’m sure Stella would love that one!

What TV shows (old or new) do you recommend for families?

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  1. Aww, great idea to find that show! It hadn’t occured to me, but I’ll have to do that too with my daughter who’s 4.5. She still likes cartoons, but is getting sick of the same old thing.
    What about “Mr. Ed,” “My 3 Sons” or “I Dream of Geanie” for your crew? 🙂

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