Fall Costume Piano Recital – Frozen Style


Well…she did it! STELLA WORE THE COSTUME!!!!!!!!!! The one I never thought she was ever going to put on after it finally arrived. It stayed in the closet for each and every Halloween event…including Trick or Treat night. But she was so excited to put it on for her piano recital last night. It took more work than I imagined getting it on her. There’s a LOT of tulle involved. I got a recording of the performance since Andy was traveling for work. It’s below. And…just consider…this is the shortened version! She’d been practicing a longer version of the song, but made some modifications a few weeks ago. Bless her heart…and anyone who listens to her sing. HA!

As a parent, it is so amazing that all of the kids were SO BRAVE! I think we kept saying that over and over and over. All of them got up, chose great costumes, and played their hearts out. It was such a fun event. Many thanks to her AWESOME piano teacher. There were 6-7 Elsa and Annas…but only 1 or 2 song repeats. We relived the entire soundtrack practically. Other fun choices were songs and costumes from Star Wars, Superman, Wizard of Oz, Despicable Me, Downton Abbey, The Aristocats, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Such talented kids!



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