Wildtree Skillet Meals – A Pantry Staple!


It was about a year ago when I was introduced to Wildtree and their concept of the Freezer Meal Workshop. I even admitted then that I was a naysayer. Well, a year later and I am a total advocate for these products. BUT I do NOT sell them. So this isn’t even a sales pitch! My neighbor however is still a rep if you need to locate one.

Yes, I attended two freezer meal workshops last year and hosted one myself. So I completed the process THREE times. And YES I used the spices on my own by myself to recreate some of those freezer meals a fourth time. It was a lonely one-woman workshop in my kitchen, but productive! AND I’ve added the above Skillet Meal products into our normal meal-planning. I really do like how Wildtree tries to replace anything you would purchase in the middle aisles of the grocery store. These skillet meals remind me of a healthy Hamburger Helper alternative. And my kids LOVE them. Well, they love some more than others…and their opinions are never the same as their siblings! But overall, a majority of our family likes them all.

We started with the Cheddar and Herb Skillet Meal and all you have to have on hand is ground beef and noodles. We use the wagon wheel pasta for this dish. Then we gave the Pot Pie Skillet Meal a try. I do NOT make it in a pie shell. I make the skillet meal version with chicken and rice. It calls for cubed chicken, but I simplify it even more by grabbing a rotisserie chicken for this one. Just last night we tried the Lasagna Skillet Meal. It also required ground beef and noodles and also some tomato sauce. We chose a spiral pasta. Everyone gave it a thumbs-up!

I really love that you can make these quickly. I have also made them a day in advance and reheated them for dinner. Some of the flavors get even better the second day. (I just finished off last night’s lasagna for lunch and it was so good.)

Each box is about $8.00-$9.00 and makes 2-3 meals depending on the flavor. If you are looking for something quick, easy, flavorful and healthier…check them out!!

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