Packing for a Disney Cruise


So…this is going to happen! And SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids have NO idea. If you know them and see them, HUSH! We are still not sure when we will tell them…on the way to the airport, at the airport, when we land…we just have not decided. They’ll obviously know we are going somewhere when we head to the airport, but since my dad lives in Florida, we could still keep the Disney part a secret until we are really there.

We loved Disney so much last fall that we decided to return again this year. However, we are only spending one day at Hollywood Studios (the park we did not see last fall) and then we are heading on the Disney Cruise. This year my dad and his girlfriend are coming with us. My dad is a kid-at-heart and this is the perfect vacation for him as well.

So now I have to start thinking about packing! It’s definitely not as easy since we are flying and getting on a boat. There is no “Let’s just run into Walgreens or Target” if we forget something. I’m trying to plan ahead. I’ve already worked on our autograph books. I cannot wait to update my DIY autograph book post from last year because I found some great new autograph cards. (Side note: if you have a Costco membership, I’m always willing to share the Disney autograph card photo album with you.)

Andy and his parents took the kids to the HallZOOween event today so that I could start pulling back out the summer clothes without them around and all up in my face. It’s easy to pack my stuff, but finding time to get into the kids’ closets without at least one of them around is not always easy.

None of the five of us have ever been on a cruise, so this will be an interesting experience. So…get me ready for my trip…

Have you been to Disney? On a cruise?

What do I need to know about Hollywood Studios?

We already have our FastPass for Hollywood Studios: Disney Junior Live on Stage, Frozen Sing-Along, and Toy Story Midway Mania!

What do I need to remember to pack for the cruise?

Any other advice?

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  1. We did the Disney Dream for Spring Break 2012, and we are going again next March…SHHHH! Are you going soon?
    None of us had been on a cruise before either….a few things I learned:
    People do dress up at night…not everyone of course, but everyone looking a little nicer than shorts and Tshirts is fun. Lots of sport coats and dresses.
    Bring plain white Tshirts with no logos in ziploc bags and drop them off at guest relations on the ship the first day; they will be returned to you by the end of the cruise signed by every character on board. Free!
    Swimsuits and sunscreen in the daybags for the first day! This is crucial- your luggage may not appear until late in the afternoon in your room. If you have an early embarkation time, you can enjoy the pools for a few hours before even leaving dock.
    Sign up for the kids clubs at the port; it can be quite a line, but it’s crazy on board and saves time.
    Do the Ship Detective Agency game!
    Mickey ice cream bars can be ordered from room service, but they aren’t on the menu.
    Bring pirate clothes and accessories for Pirate Night. They give you bandanas and eye patches in your room.
    Your room key has to be inserted into the slot inside the doorway to activate the lights– any credit sized card will do if you want to leave it there.
    Stare at the artwork in the common areas….some of it starts talking to you.
    You can go look at the pictures they have of you all anytime the photo place is open. Once they swipe your room card for a photo, facial recognition takes over and any pic of you or the kids is automatically assigned to your stateroom. Creepy but cool.
    Bring as large a suitcase as you want; the beds are designed with a taller area under them for the suitcases.
    If the Mickey heads on the carpet are facing up (ears on top), you are heading towards the front of the ship.
    Random, I know. Let me know if you have any specific questions!


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