Henry’s Baseball Room


I really thought his obsession with baseball would end last summer (like an entire year ago) when baseball season ended. I thought he would suddenly switch his adoration to football and basketball…all sports in general. Nope. This kid LOVES baseball and mainly baseball. He will sit through a 9-inning game…and watch the entire game without complaint. He always wants to play “catch” and wants me to watch him hit the ball. He renamed himself (was Henry Hamilton W.) to “Hank Hamilton” because “mom it’s a better name for when I play baseball for the Reds when I’m older”.

So when we moved the guest room furniture into his room last week and there was a big blank space on the wall behind his headboard, it only made sense to purchase a Fathead of the stadium. And I cannot explain how excited he has been. I put him to bed the first night and did our typical prayers, thankful-fors, and dream-abouts…

His “what I’m going to dream about”?

“Mom, it’s the championship game and I’m pitching on that poster. I’m Hank Hamilton. And I’m signing posters.”

And you just might be someday buddy. Did I mention he’s a lefty?!?!

{He’s lovingly squeezing one of his favorite birthday presents. His 5th grade “girlfriend” made that pillow for him! He met her at the pool and fell in love this summer. And, of course, has been to one of her softball games as her biggest fan. Oh gee.}

What’s your kid’s latest obsession?

Why does NO ONE sell Reds Queen-sized sheets/comforters??

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