Have You Been BOO-ed?


We live in a fun neighborhood. It really is crazy how everyone knows everyone (somewhat) and you really can send out a need to our Neighborhood Moms Group and get multiple replies within minutes. Need sugar? Check. Need a playdate? Check. Need size 10 ballet shoes? Check.

So the other night we were BOO-ed. And we were BOO-ed very well. We still have NO IDEA who BOO-ed us. I was actually not home at the time. Henry heard the doorbell ring, but Andy thought he was crazy…until he later saw a bag on our front porch. It contained lots of goodies, including…


And my first thought was, “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…damn it…we’ve been boo-ed.” I immediately had a long list of to-dos in my head. Buy stuff. Figure out who to BOO. When to BOO. Blah blah blah. More for mom to do. But then the kids were SO excited. And wait! They were finally old enough to get it and participate in the actual BOO-ing.

We all sat down and picked three families to BOO. Yes, we broke the “pick 2” rule, but each kid wanted a choice and to create their own bag for the family. Then we went shopping at the Target $1 bin. We came home, put the bags together, and planned the actual BOO-ing. Stella was the only one who wanted to actually do the deed. So she dressed in black (her choice) and we picked our route. She investigated each location…easiest access to front door…how to run back quickly and hide along the way, etc.

We were successful and had a great time. I forgot how much fun this could be! I think the last time we were BOO-ed Stella was too little to get it and Henry wasn’t even around so it was a MOM thing. This time it was a family thing.


 Have YOU been BOO-ed?

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