Back-to-School Eve


My kids are in bed, Stella’s backpack is packed. I sit down at my computer and I’m itching to blog. I can tell the end of summer is near. I have PTA and back-to-school paperwork duties to fulfill tonight. However, my “to-blog-about” list is long. Too long. But another list is short. 14?? Only fourteen? FOR REAL? I only blogged 14 times over summer break. And that’s ok.

Because instead of blogging I spent late nights at the pool, I did cool things and went fun places with my kids, I enjoyed time with my girlfriends, and I watched way too much Scandal. It was a great summer.

But I’ll be back more regularly soon. My girls start school over the next week. Stella met her teacher today and instantly fell in love as soon as she walked through the door. Any guesses why?


Charlotte got into all-day kindergarten, but doesn’t start until next week. And the little man?


Henry will move up to the 4s classroom at preschool. He keeps telling everyone he can’t wait until the girls are in school so we can go to the park and play baseball all day…hmmmmm…..

How was your summer?

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