Making Dinner for a Friend


When a friend is in need of help due to a new baby, a sick child, etc. we all find our own ways to give a hand. Usually, I prefer to provide food. I stock up on these foil containers with paper lids so that I have them in the pantry when necessary. It makes it simple to label each item and provide any necessary cooking/reheating instructions. I also date the lids because when you have multiple meals dropped off it is easy to forget when you received something.


I also try to add something a busy mom might appreciate like a nice salad or bottle of wine. Garlic Expressions is my go-to dressing to include in a meal. (Usually found in produce section)



The last meal I provided was to a family that just had a new baby girl. So while I was at Celebrate by Kate, I picked up some fun pink dinner plates, napkins and straws to provide with the food.


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