Chipotle Appetizer


Sometimes you need a quick and easy appetizer. And sometimes you just don’t have the time to throw it together yourself. BUT you want something a little more than the normal chips and jar of dip.

When a friend brought this to the pool the other night for an appetizer potluck, we declared her a genius. The appetizer looked yummy and was gone very quickly. Her secret? A Chipotle burrito bowl. For real. She went to Chipotle and ordered a burrito bowl and some chips. Then she went home and mixed up the burrito bowl in her own serving dish. At the pool, she put it all on a pretty platter and that was it.

For as many times as all of us have eaten Chipotle, we had no idea! She says that sometimes if it’s for a very large crowd, you might need to order two burrito bowls. I’m definitely stealing this idea.

If you don’t have time to make an appetizer, what’s your go-to “stop-and-pick-it-up”?

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