The Secret to Bunk Bed Sheets


If there’s one chore I really despise…it’s making the girls’ bunk beds. I am actually headed to boot camp this morning and will most likely burn the same calories as when I change their sheets. I’ll probably also be in some of the same positions. Making the top bunk often looks like doing a burpee. For real. Henry calls it my Superman move when I spread out the sheet on that top bunk.

When this topic came up in conversation with a friend, she practically yelled, “I have your solution!!” Her tip, and now my tip, is to double-sheet the bed.

Here is what I do. First, I put on a plain white sheet. Obviously the colors/patterns of your sheets don’t matter. I’m just pointing it out so you can see how I layer.


Then I have these great waterproof pads that I put on the bed next. (I might have picked these up at the hospital when I gave birth.) This really helps if your top bunker is a bed wetter. Mine no longer is, but I still put down the pad for an extra layer.


Then I put on a second sheet. Stella’s are horses and Charlotte’s are owls…both from Target. Then when it’s time to change their sheets…I just remove the decorative sheet and the waterproof pad and…voila! There is a clean white sheet underneath. And then I just change out the pillowcase. This keeps me from having to completely remake the bed each time. It is a huge time saver. You could easily do this on any bed.

I know this will not work forever. But at ages 5 and 6.5 the girls bathe often and body odor is not an issue. The white sheet underneath smells like it just came out of the dryer. And I only have to complete a full sheet change every-other time.


When your kids like to hoard all kinds of “lovies” in their bed, it makes changing the sheets a nightmare! So being able to just peel off the top sheet and…BAM!…the sheets are changed? So nice. So very nice.


Although the top bunk is the hardest, I repeat the process with Charlotte’s bed as well.


For the same reasons!


Do your kids have bunk beds?

Do you have any sheet changing tips?

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