Mason Jar Vases

daffodils-in-mason-jar (1)

The daffodils are blooming in our backyard. It’s so nice to see the bursts of yellow out the window. A sign that spring has arrived and warm weather will soon be here for good. The kids constantly ask, “Can we pick them yet?” “Can we pick them yet?” “Can we pick them yet?” Today we finally picked a big bunch of them before another set of storms came through the area.

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Then the kids made a list of people they wanted to give the flowers to – teachers, relatives, and neighbors. It was a great idea, but with a dilemma. Vases. And then I remembered that earlier this year a friend brought me beautiful flowers in a large mason jar. A brilliant idea that I had never thought of. Therefore, while at Kroger today I picked up a box of 12 mason jars (32 oz. size) for less than $9. I divided up the flowers, added some ribbon to the jars, and BAM! Four beautiful vases of flowers.

daffodils-in-mason-jar (2)

What is your favorite spring flower?

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