Holidays are Give and Take


There have been so many posts lately about going overboard on birthday parties, class parties, and holidays in general. Everyone trying to one-up someone else. To that I say, NO THANKS. Do I sometimes go a bit overboard on a certain idea or holiday or class event…sure. But is it consistent? NOPE. And that’s what I love about Jill’s post It Goes Both Ways over on Baby Rabies. Because for me so far this year, it was all about St. Patrick’s Day. We decorated the house. We spent an entire morning making Leprechaun Traps. The Leprechaun visited. It was fantastic. And my kids loved every single minute of it. And I hope it’s something fun they remember from their childhood.

Do you know what they probably won’t remember much of this year? Valentine’s Day. There were only store bought cards. No presents. No special dinner. And Easter? Oh, I’m sure we will have a really fun time this weekend with family. The kids will do an egg hunt and receive treats from the Easter Bunny. However, the above tissue-box holder is the ONE and ONLY decoration that is out at our house. And yes, I have a storage container full of other decorations and Easter toys. Even a chicken that sings and squats and lays eggs. But this year it all remains in the basement. And I’m not stressed about it. It just wasn’t a priority this year. And my kids will survive.

If I hear that another mom went overboard for those holidays…good for her! I know a mom who went all-out for April Fool’s Day. She showed the of the tricks she played on her kids all day. (She has a boy and a girl and they seriously woke up in their sibling’s bed to start the day in an entirely different room! She switched them after they fell asleep. And it only got better after that.) I thought GOOD FOR HER…not, DAMN I NEED TO GET ON IT.

So enjoy your holiday weekend. And don’t worry about your Easter Bunny one-upping another Easter Bunny. Focus on friends and family and the true reason for the holiday!

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