Adventures Around Cincinnati Book Review

Many of you know that I am often out on an adventure with my kids somewhere. We rarely sit home. It’s the only way I can keep my house from being destroyed daily and keep them from fighting constantly. Sometimes we try new places (like Ft. Liberty Playland last summer) or new adventures (attending the Reds Opening Day Parade for the first time last year).



But sometimes we go back to the same places over and over and over again. Parky’s Farm is a family favorite.


And other times I’m wishing I could think of somewhere new to go. And then earlier this month I discovered a wonderful book titled Adventures Around Cincinnati. The first part of the book discusses the benefits of creating memories with your family and friends by going on adventures. The second part lists various attractions in the Cincinnati area and then a few that are a short drive away for a fun day trip. There are over 120 destinations listed within a 2-hour drive of Cincinnati. The third and final part of the book includes sample itineraries, seasonal adventures, and all of the adventures listed in a user-friendly table format.

What’s really great about this book is that with each attraction there is an address, contact information, hours, cost, recommended ages, whether or not it is stroller/wheelchair friendly and suggested length of visit along with a description and comments. This book is not only great for YOU, but would be fantastic as a gift for anyone wanting to explore more of the Cincinnati area. I am really excited to go through my copy and mark off where we have already been and where our new adventures will be. This is going to be a huge help over summer break.


Want the book right now? Order it on Amazon today (just make sure you are ordering the NEW March 2014 edition with all the updates). Some local bookstores do have it in stock. Call ahead. I know that The Booksellers on Fountain Square just received a new shipment last week. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates on new adventures, where to get the book, and for information on special book launch events.

Do YOU want your own copy of Adventures Around Cincinnati?

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Leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions and I’ll draw a winner Thursday.

What is your favorite place to visit with your kid(s) around Cincinnati?

What is a new place you would like to visit?

{As mentioned above, I received a copy of this book to review…but, as always, all opinions are MINE!}

10 Responses to Adventures Around Cincinnati Book Review

  1. We found Ft liberty last summer, and it is now a favorite of ours. I am not sure where we want to go, but want to find some new places to go.

  2. My kids loved Otterville when they were younger. One place we’ve never made it is to the butterfly show at Krohn Conservatory.

  3. Sharonwoods is a classic family fave for a quick unplanned jaunt. We would like to explore more water playgrounds this year….such as the one at Mound.

  4. Sharon woods is our favorite. I hope to explore new parks this summer!! We love to be outside…and I love to wae them out!!

  5. This book sounds exactly like what we need! We try to take advantage of living so close to a city by going downtown to the handicapped accessible playground under the 471 bridge downtown at Sawyer Point. Then we walk across the purple people bridge. I want us to Ride the Ducks this summer!

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