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This post? For one reader and one reader only folks…

Dear Mayhem,

It’s us…Stella, Charlotte and Henry. We haven’t seen you in awhile, but you still inspire us. All of your awesome paper dress creations have made us “oooohhhhh” and “aaaaahhhhh” for months now. Sometimes mom let’s us sit and look at your #fashionbymayhem feed in Instagram on her iPad. It entertains us for a long time. We think you are so imaginative when you use wrapping paper or make Minnie Mouse or My Little Pony outfits. We sometimes even laugh at the crazy paper choices because we love them so much.

And then…we saw an Oscars commercial. Mom even let us watch the Red Carpet stuff. And we decided to each pick one outfit to try to make…you know, just like you do. To see what’s it like. We also think mom was running out of ways to keep us busy on snow days. And the storm warnings were going on and on at the bottom of the screen during the Oscars Red Carpet.

Stella chose immediately. She loved the green in this dress. Mom was even more excited because she gets to see Viola Davis speak in May at some work-like lunch thing – even though she doesn’t work anymore. That confuses us. We digress.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

And then Charlotte fell in love with this dress. Mom was even more excited because these seemed “simple” to create compared to others.


Henry also wanted in on the action. He noticed most of the men wore all black tuxes…but not this guy. Mom was glad because she wasn’t sure how much black construction paper was in the house. And apparently not much. She made Henry wear black pants and only made him a top. We think it was just an excuse because Henry’s was the third “outfit” and mom seemed kinda over the entire project by then. Apparently our “simple” dresses weren’t so simple after all.


We were over it kinda quick too. By the time mom finally taped Stella all together it went from this:


To this in a matter of seconds…


But Stella put a smile back on quickly to get a snapshot with Charlotte once her dress was taped on.


And then Henry? Well, he was just acting silly and goofy like Henry does!


So thanks for giving us something to do on our snow day this morning. And, by the way, your mom is AWESOME for doing this over and over with you. Our mom said it was “ONE AND DONE”.

The only thing we don’t like about #fashionbymayhem is that we only see you online. Our moms keep promising that play date…{sigh} maybe they’ll get it together at some point when the sun returns and winter thaws. Until then…we’ll still be internet-stalking your outfits and updates!


Stella, Charlotte & Henry

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