My Newest Observation – I’m Just Flat-Out Exhausted


Being a parent isn’t easy. No matter if you are a working parent in the corporate world or a stay-at-home parent. I still get asked what it’s like to be at home. And if I enjoy it. And how it is different from being a working mom. Are both jobs hard? YES. Is one easier than the other? Not really. At least in my mind. They are just DIFFERENT.

My latest observation? I’m tired. Very tired. All the time. I never quite feel rested anymore. I’ve talked about this to other moms that have transitioned one way or the other and it seems to be a thing. A thing no one warned me about.

Although being a working mom was much more stressful for me and emotionally draining and I even slept less…I wasn’t as TIRED. I was apparently “napping” during those late afternoon meetings and re-engergizing during those conference calls. And I was always “ON” which never let me focus on being really tired if I was.

Now, when I’m folding laundry or making dinner or cutting out 24 milk jugs into bunny baskets, I can think about things other than employee satisfaction and competency models and coaching the newest team member. I can think things like, “DEAR GOD, I AM PHYSICALLY TIRED!”

I am tired of loading and unloading the dishwasher.

I am tired of feeding people.

I am tired of “inside-outing” clothes from the hamper.

I am tired of folding clothes.

I am tired of packing lunches.

I am tired of grocery shopping.

I am tired of wiping butts. (And somehow this morning Henry had poop between his toes and up his legs all the way to his fingers!?!?!??? While he sat on the toilet?!?!?!?!)

I am tired of SNOW.

I am tired of errand after errand after errand.

I am tired of grocery shopping.

I am tired of this weather. Yesterday a friend posted that this past winter has broken her husband. I am in agreement. I am beyond ready for spring and sun and flip flops.

So enough venting. But seriously, I’m just tired. I think all the sleep deprivation is finally catching up to me. My kids are getting easier now and I’m not running on as much adrenaline anymore. So the physical act of being a mom day-in-and-day-out is wearing on me.

Will I take a nap? Take a break? Rest a bit? Go back to work? Some of you know me too well…nope. I’ll push through and keep being busy, busy, busy…keeps me moving forward. Because I’m doing what I love. I love staying home. It’s the best decision Andy and I ever made.

This post isn’t supposed to be negative, but is supposed to show you YES I’M EXHAUSTED…just like you other mommas…in the corporate world or at home all day…wherever the hell you are. Now be a good friend and do something nice for another mom this week. An exhausted mom will thank you. If she’s not exhausted, learn her magic!

Who’s TIRED?

What’s your remedy?

3 Responses to My Newest Observation – I’m Just Flat-Out Exhausted

  1. I think this weather has a lot to do with it. Things will get better/easier when it’s nice out! Maybe the laundry will even lighten up? Live in bathing suits, not as many blankets, coats, sweatshirts to wash!!!

  2. ick, but relatable re. henry. Owen somehow makes his hair smell like poo after pooping, so even if I can’t see anything I have to clean him. sigh. I had the inside out laundry problem a few years ago with my oldest and a neighbor and friend suggested not right side outing the clothes. She said that she leaves them as they are and returns them folded as they are and that way the child is the one who has to make it right side out when they want to wear the item. A small stroke of genius! It has definitely improved this situation for me!!

    as for being tired, I really think its this weather. It wears on you as a mom so.much.more when the weather is so bad and everyone has all those days inside and you get behind on errands b.c it’s too cold or snowy to schlep anywhere. I’m always greatful though to hear another mom is tired b/c it makes my tired days seem all the more normal. so thanks!

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