My Kids Said What?

Here’s the latest addition of…My Kids Said WHAT?!??!

Henry: Dad, when are you going to get me a belt to keep my sword in my pants.


Stella: Here’s how my day is going to go when I’m an adult. I’ll get up early on the farm and do some barn work. Then I’ll drop my kid off at school. I’m only having one child because I see how it is with THOSE TWO (nods head towards siblings). Then I’ll teach all day. Then I’ll do my evening barn work. {sigh} Going to have to get up very early every day.

Andy: Just get a rooster to get you up if you are going to be on a farm.

Stella: How do you set a rooster?


Stella: I can’t wait to be a mom so I can say “Zip it”.

Charlotte: Or be quiet.

Henry: Or damn it!


I stopped into the school office and Stella’s reading teacher told me this one. She explained that the group was going to work on the play Hansel and Gretel and perform it for classmates. The teacher began describing it to them and let them know that there was a husband and a wife and a KISS. Stella immediately said: “Joe” can be the husband and I’ll be the wife! And then the office manager chimes in that everyone knows that Stella and “Joe” are an item. OH MY! We are talking about first grade, people, first grade!!! And sadly “Joe” is one of 5 on Stella’s crush list.

 What funny thing has your kid(s) said/done lately?

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