Cascadian Farms is a New Family Favorite



If you looked in my pantry or basement right now you’d see lots of Cascadian Farm boxes…cereal and granola bars. Lately I’ve been on a search for a mom-and-kid-approved granola bar that won’t melt in the car nor will break my budget. Often I’m told that organic stuff is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. And often I agree that it is. However, if you familiarize yourself with your local offerings and watch for sales…you can stock up like I do. There’s a basket at home that my kids can grab snacks from when allowed…it now looks like this:


Sometimes it’s just nice to have a granola bar. And they are a great on-the-go snack. My kids definitely snack on a lot of fruit and (confession time) they also snack on a lot of JUNK (cheez-its, fruit chews, Minion-shaped graham crackers are recent favorites) so when they liked these granola bars, I was thrilled. The best part?!?! The chocolate chip and vanilla chip are peanut-free! (At least they are right now according to their box and website. ALWAYS recheck labels when you purchase them.) Stella takes an afternoon snack to school and it needs to be peanut free. She is happy to add this to the rotation.


So where did I stock up recently? I bought a box on sale at Kroger and also grabbed a box of granola cereal. Once I discovered the kids actually liked these granola bars and I LOVE the French Vanilla Almond granola cereal I went straight back to Kroger and stocked up. Currently on sale for $2.99 and down to $1.99/box if you purchase 5 boxes during their March to Savings sale going on at least through March 30th. You will find many more selections and quantities at a Kroger Marketplace. No surprise the Kroger closest to me didn’t have much when I went, but I found a TON at other locations. AND…check expiration dates.


What are favorite snacks at your house?

Do you stock up on sale items like I do?

{This post is not sponsored by Kroger nor Cascadian Farms. I just wanted to share.}

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