Voxer Is Still One Of My Favorite Apps


It was just over a year ago when I started using the Voxer app. And a year later? I am still addicted. Read more about why in my post from last year. The basic rundown is that you can leave someone (who also has to be a Voxer user) a voicemail message without ever calling them. And as much as I LOVE a good gab session, there are times when I need to get a message to someone or a group of people and this is perfect for that. Especially when I’m in the car.

The only downside to Voxer? It worked like a walkie-talkie and you had to actually keep your thumb pushed on the screen to record a message. UNTIL NOW! I’m not sure how long ago it was updated, but I just discovered the “Slide Lock” option in the settings last week. By activating this, you can “lock” the recording button in place to record your message until you tap it again to stop recording. No more thumb cramps! No more switching from hand to hand to leave multiple messages!

Anyone else using Voxer?


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