Vision Boards

Vision board 2008

Anyone ever created a Vision Board?

I came across one I created way back in 2008 while on the board of local nonprofit. It was an activity we did at a board retreat in order to get to know each other better. It’s interesting to see photos of Stella as a baby surrounded by my priorities back then. Home improvement, travel, and my job focus = training.

I searched for it because vision boards became the topic of a twitter chat I was a part of a couple of months ago. Which led to me helping with an entire twitter chat focused on vision boards last week…What are they? Why create them? What are the steps? I could go on and on. And then I was asked to write an entire post on vision boards and to actually speak about vision boards and goal setting at an upcoming blog conference. So that, my friends, is how I keep connected. Professionally. And how I keep my brain active on things other than what’s for lunch, what load of laundry is next, and what errand has to happen today.

Want to know more about vision boards? Or curious to see what my vision board from last fall looks like? I keep it on my desk so I’m always reminded of my goals. To read more and to see that newest vision board, check out my post over on Project Purse Club.

Do you write goals every year?

What is one of your current goals?

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