Whatcha Readin’?


One of the things I have been able to do more now that I am not working is READ MORE BOOKS! And I am really enjoying it. Not that I sit around and read all day while eating bon-bons (Seriously people, this really.doesn’t.happen. So quite asking.), but I can get in bed at night and read for an hour before turning off the light because I am no longer doing laundry or emptying the dishwasher at 10 PM (working mommas…I know your pain!). And so I also started becoming more involved on Goodreads. I like seeing what other people recommend, checking in on what my friends are reading, and keeping track of the books I’ve read or want to read. It’s one of my new favorite Apps.

I’ve read a few I’ve really enjoyedMe Before You and Gone Girl. And a couple not so much – The Fault in Our Stars. I know!!! I can’t believe I didn’t like it either. I did start The Book Thief right before Me Before You become available on the library wait list. So I’ll probably go back to it soon. But I also started another Sandra Brown novel – Lethal and it’s pretty good so far.

Then I made the mistake of having dinner with two great friends Thursday night who are also readers and my “to read” list got longer. And then a group of moms from the neighborhood went to see “50 Shades the Musical” parody Friday night. First of all…HILARIOUS. But we talked more about books afterwards over appetizers and cocktails. So my list got even longer. And now T.K. Leigh decided to release book #2 Tragic Wreck (sequel to Beautiful Mess) LAST NIGHT instead of in February. I quickly downloaded ($0.99 this week!!) and am tempted to start it! So I have plenty to read for awhile and plenty to recommend for anyone looking for a good book.

Books no longer your thing? Just passing the time on the internet? Have you checked out The Matt Walsh Blog yet? I’m not a consistent reader, but he always seems to have an interesting comeback to posts that go viral elsewhere. This week’s happens to be regarding SAHM due to a nasty post written by someone else. But he writes about any and every topic.

And then there’s Glennon. If you read my book review, you know I wan’t that impressed with the actual book Momastery. Again, I know! But EVERYONE loves her. I run hot/cold on her blog posts. There’s one going viral right now about asking questions in a relationship. I LOVED the questions to ask your kids about their day. However, I know if I asked Andy any of the “spouse” questions at the end of the day, he’d look at me like I had three heads. So I take her with some filter. I appreciate her passion and idea-sharing and often her overall message, but I’m just not a manic-monkee. What works for some won’t work for all. The beauty of us all being different!

Last I leave you with Mayhem. Talk about an extraordinarily creative young thing. Her ability to recreate fashion in paper dresses is amazing. I know her and her mom and her dad. And believe me, she’s for real. The blog Fashion by Mayhem is now up and running. And you can search #fashionbymayhem on Instagram to see all of her photos. And what next? She wants to see you and your kids in action. Just follow along by posting your own photo with #inspiredbymayhem. I see this in our future!

So…whatcha readin’ out there?

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