The Most Favorite Christmas Toys This Year


After all of the thought put into it and shopping time and money spent, I am always curious to see what the kids are still playing with a couple of weeks after Christmas. Without a doubt, one of the girls’ favorite things is the Rainbow Loom. And I somewhat dreaded this gift. I heard nightmares from moms who ended up having to learn it all and do it all because their kids were just too young to grasp it. But Stella really wanted one. And I knew if Stella had one, Charlotte wouldn’t leave it alone. So they both got the looms, the cases, the “how-to” book, and some extra rubber bands. I just gave in and expected the worst.


I was WRONG. I will admit we had to call in some help. But after the 6-year old neighbor boy gave us all a quick tutorial, the girls became masters of this thing. They are shockingly really good at it. Even Charlotte. So especially over the LOOOONNNGGGG winter break, they have cranked out tons of bracelets…different styles, different colors. And I thought “WHAT WILL WE DO WITH ALL OF THESE BRACELETS!?!?!?!” Then a neighbor posted that she was collecting them for a friend going on a mission trip to Haiti for the children there. And another friend was collecting them for foster kids. And now Stella and Charlotte are even more into it…”for the kids, mom.” So BFF – some will be headed your way soon for Warm Welcomes!

And for the boy…the boy who screamed “I WANT A GUN!” all through Target back in December? This photo should come as no surprise:


He received many “weapons” for Christmas this year. A Nerf gun being the favorite. And he always has something shoved down his pants. Today it was his foam pirate sword. Good news is that he is always after the bad guys.

What toys are still getting use at your house now that Christmas has come and gone?

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