Holiday Party Ornament Toss Game


Stella’s Holiday Party is tomorrow and (again) I am the coordinator.  I really enjoyed being involved with the Harvest Party and look forward to tomorrow as well.  I waited until the last minute to decide on what games we will be playing.  I searched Pinterest and did not really find anything I loved.  Then my neighbor came to the rescue.  She posted the following photo (which I stole with her permission – the photo and the idea).


She is in charge of the game for her daughter’s 3rd grade class and came up with this ornament toss.  It was super simple to put together.  Although I must admit that I did not have her photo right in front of me at time of construction, but I wish I did.  It is a bit harder to wrap an entire box inside and out than you would think it would be.  She was way smarter and just covered the outside.  And the ornaments?  Plastic ones from the Target $1 bin of course!


So we’ll see how it goes tomorrow with a bunch of 1st graders.  Stella, Charlotte and Henry have all tested it out.  It’s not as easy as it looks, but it’s also not too hard for them either.  I think it should be fun. Lots of giggles accompanied the practicing.

{Many thanks to Jen and social media for this one. And to the pool and drinks and kids. Because without the pool, drinks and kids equation, Jen and I may not have met and become good friends this past summer! She writes as well…on a more personal note over at Growing Wiser.}

Do you have any fun party game ideas for kids??

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