Harvest Party Pumpkin Patch Fingerprint Craft


Stella’s Harvest Party is this afternoon at school.  And I, no surprise here, am the coordinator.  I actually did NOT sign up for this, but when no one else did either…I stepped in and took over.  Luckily, there were other volunteers for the elements of the party (treats, paper plates, party helpers, etc.) just no party planner.  And as party planner, I had to come up with some stations for the students to attend during the party.  I decided to mix it up with games and crafts.

One of the crafts being a little keepsake they can take home and show the family.  Above is the Pumpkin Patch Fingerprint craft.  Super simple.  All you need is the following:

  • Paper (I used unruled index cards)
  • A marker to write “Your Little Pumpkin” and the child’s name
  • A green marker to draw the pumpkin patch vines and the pumpkin stems
  • Orange washable paint

Have the child draw a pumpkin vine and add pumpkin stems.  Dip fingers in orange paint and put pumpkins with the stems.  Complete!

Have you attended a Harvest or Halloween Party?

What was your favorite activity/craft/food at the party?

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