Success with Potty Training Method


I’ll be the first to admit it…even I was skeptical.  3-day potty training method?  Really?  But folks, I’m here to tell ya…it worked.  Even with our unexpected trip to the hospital on Day One.  Ok, so it took us more like 4 days at his age…but still…it WORKED.  Even night time training.  And he only had one or two accidents at the very beginning once it clicked on Day 4.

Until I decided to write this blog post today.  TODAY is the first day he’s had an accident in a week.  And I guess he knew I was going to brag on him tonight and didn’t like it because he peed all over my floors THREE times today.  WTH?  Here’s hoping tomorrow goes better!

So we are two weeks in and it is still AWESOME despite a few accidents.  Luckily all of the accidents have been pee and occurred on the bathroom or kitchen tiled floors.  NOT ONE (just jinxed myself, I know) accident while we’ve been out running errands or sitting at soccer fields, etc.  (Except he has “watered” a few of the neighbors lawns going to/from bus stop.)

Those of you with all of your children out of diapers can feel the JOY radiating from my house.  No more buying pull-ups or diapers, no more wiping nasty diaper bottoms, no more having to find places to dispose of diapers while out and about, etc.

I followed the 3-day method pretty much by the book on Day One.  I veered off the path a bit on days 2-4 because I could reason with him and we did run some errands since he was doing so well and HE requested to leave the house.  But we stuck with quick errands and visited lots of new potties.

In the end, he earned the Spiderman backpack shown above.  Which he has been requesting ever since Stella got her new backpack for school.  Charlotte already has a small Barbie backpack she plays school with and he felt left out.  When I finally gave the Spiderman one to him (which I found at TJ Maxx for $5!!!), he replied, “This one is not very big” and then immediately questioned, “And where’s my lunch box?”  Um, you’re welcome!!!!!  He is rotten.

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  1. Wooo Hoo! I’m so glad this worked for you! We are getting there with my 3 yr. old girl slowly but surely. They are basically training her at preschool/daycare and I handle it on the weekends. I would love to have it all over with in one swoop though! I’m not sure I could stand staying home and doing nothing for 2-3 days though.

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