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Remember I told you that there was a Cones for the Cure Campaign going on in September until the 16th?  And that there would be a giveaway?  Well, guess what I got today?  That adorable monkey pictured above in a cute swag bag filled with goodies.  AND I have one for a giveaway!!  It includes lots of great things.

swag bagAlthough it might vary slightly, mine included a Graeter’s gift card, the book notes left behind (a journal written by Elena’s parents), a keychain, a pencil, a pen, some candy, temporary tattoos, and a Graeter’s koozie perfect for a pint of ice cream.

AND the Monkey!  I had not heard of Monkey in My Chair until this promotion.  It’s a beneficial program from The Cure Starts Now.  It is such a cool idea for young school-age kids with cancer.  These kids/students/patients are provided a kit including a stuffed monkey (bigger than the one above) to keep in their classroom chair when they are absent due to treatments or illness.  Check it out – you can support them anytime and there’s so much more to the program than a stuffed monkey.

Don’t forget you can also support The Cure Starts Now at any time.

But the Cones for the Cure campaign?  It ends soon people.  Very soon.  Your chance to donate within the Graeter’s locations will end after September 16th.  So please stop in and show your support.  I received an update today that stated:

“As of yesterday we were delighted to see that we have already raised over $25,000! Never in our wildest imaginations did we expect such amazing results so quickly!

What you have helped us accomplish in this first week and with ice cream does more than put a smile on children’s faces. The money that raised, sometimes $1 a cone, has funded some of the best research in the industry with grants ranging from $25,000 to $100,000. Best of all, it is also some of the most efficient cancer research available with a current charitable audited overhead cost of less than 4%. Cones for the Cure is the sweetest way to cure cancer, one child at a time.”

Awesome news.  If you plan to donate, get in there and do it.  And watch my Facebook page for the announcement of that last day of free cones!

The Giveaway

Enter to win your very own Cones for the Cure/The Cure Starts Now/Graeter’s swag bag.

Coupon Book Covergraeters

The giveaway winner will be announced on the last day of the campaign – next Monday.  To enter, just answer this question in the comments below:

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream…and dish or cone (sugar or waffle)?

Because who doesn’t like ice cream?

Here’s an older photo of us at Graeter’s and I’m having my favorite…peanut butter chip in a dish!


Disclaimer: As stated above I was given my own swag bag to help promote this wonderful campaign!

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  1. The new peanut butter brownie flavor is amazing!! Maybe it tastes better because it is a forbidden food for us! So we eat it straight out of the pint, with our Greater’s coozie, with plastic spoons. Seriously amazing!!

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