Workout Gear – Whether You are Working Out or Not!


Anyone else LOVE workout gear?

Even if you are not actually working out in it?  My wardrobe over the past eight months has definitely changed since I’m not heading to a corporate office every day anymore.  I will admit my closet increased in yoga pants, yoga capris pants, running shorts and workout shirts.

Have you tried any of the Kirkland “workout” clothing from Costco?

I love it.  Like really love it.  I often wear the short-sleeve shirts (I have multiple colors) everywhere.  They are super soft and comfortable.  The tank is my go-to for running (again, multiple colors live in my closet).  I like how it comes down longer over my hips.  I also like the yoga pants and capris by Kirkland.

Do you need something long-sleeved?

I was super excited to see long-sleeve shirts in stock at Costco over the weekend.  Yes, I bought three colors.  I’ve been looking for a great long-sleeve shirt for evening walks or morning runs this fall, but had not quite found what I was looking for.  Until I saw these.  And at less than $20 a piece, these totally made my day.  They even have the cut-out for your thumb so your hand can be partially covered.

My other favorites are the Target C9 running shorts.  Super comfy.

What is your favorite brand of workout gear?

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  1. Just this afternoon, I was thinking about a possible blog post (for the blog that I haven’t posted on in over a year) entitled “Body by Costco” because pretty much all of my workout gear comes from Costco. Obsessed with the pants, particularly because you can get them in “tall” and just bought two of the quarter zips last week. The rest of my workout gear is C9 from Target and a couple of tanks from Old Navy. Would I like to treat myself to something from Athleta or Lululemon? Yes. But since I don’t actually work out (except for tennis once a week), I can’t justify it.

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