Summer Berry Salad


I can never get enough salad during the summertime.  However, I do still like some variety.  Thankfully, we invited my cousin and her family over for a cookout earlier this summer.  And luckily she married a man that knows food.  They brought this salad as their contribution to the meal and it, well…it just MADE THE MEAL.

Is your same-old-salad starting to BORE you?

Here are the simple ingredients you will need for our new summertime favorite:


  • Salad greens of your choice – I buy the Simple Truth Organic stuff already packaged at Kroger.  For this salad I used the 1/2 Baby Spring, 1/2 Spinach mix.  I ALWAYS rewash the greens and run them through my salad spinner.  Seems to freshen it up a bit.
  • Strawberries – slice them
  • Blueberries
  • Red Onion – 1/2 large one is plenty
  • Feta Cheese – one small container
  • Dressing – He introduced us to Kroger’s Private Selection White Balsamic & Honey dressing…YUM!!


This salad is best when tossed immediately before serving.  I brought it to a gathering recently and was able to do all of the prep work ahead of time.  I kept everything in separate containers until dinner.  Then I added everything except the dressing and tossed it all up.  I usually let people add their own dressing.

What’s your favorite summer salad mix or ingredient?

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