Rolos + Brownies = Perfect Match

Do you love brownies?

Do you need to take your brownies up a notch?

Do you love Rolos?


All you need in order to add a little extra to your brownies is one bag of the Rolo minis.

Well, I also suggest some parchment paper. And I did spray mine with some non-stick spray.

Make your brownies like you normally would, but add the bag of rolos to the batter just before pouring it into the pan.

Bake according to box.


Once cooled, pull the parchment out of the pan in order to slice them easily.

Otherwise, they will stick like crazy and look a mess, but still taste good.


Big thanks to my SIL for the idea and my neighbor for perfecting the look with the parchment paper.


Do you add anything to your brownies?

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