My Little Buddy is Turning THREE


Talk about time flying.  Where did my baby go?  Just like it’s hard to believe Stella is in 1st grade, it’s also hard to believe Henry is going to be THREE on Monday.  Glad we could give all of you a holiday to celebrate it this year!

Henry, my buddy, here is a little list all about you:

  • You are a really good eater.  You eat lots of things that most kids won’t even try – eggplant and scallops are favorites.  And, of course, you love Skyline chili and coneys.
  • You love to swim.  You are a little fish in the pool.  You just graduated to Goldfish in swim lessons and can really do well without those water wings.  But you are hesitant in the neighborhood pool without them.


  • You are crazy about sports.  Or anything with a ball.  Right now you are obsessed with baseball.  You are left-handed and throw really well.  You like to hit off of the tee in the backyard.  I might be a bit biased, but OMG you can hit!
  • You are totally fickle about potty training.  One day you crap your pants all day long.  The next day you insist on underwear and ask to go to the potty everywhere we go.  Your inconsistency leads to my inconsistency.  So September 9th you and I are embarking on the 3-day potty training method.  We’ll see how that goes and how long it really takes.


  • Your favorite toys are Spiderman and Batman.  Trains and cars don’t hold your interest as much. You mainly like to do whatever the girls are doing.  You really want to be big like them.  You play imagination with them all the time.  You especially like pretending to be a dog.  And you play kitchen with them and even dress-ups.  Usually you will put on a superhero outfit now.  But sometimes you still show up looking like this…


  • You are starting to show us the same attitude Charlotte had when she was 3.  Oh boy!  I hope you outgrow it a lot quicker than she did.  I recently would not give in and give you something you wanted.  So you screamed back at me “MOM!  YOU BROKE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Yup.  Life’s tough buddy.
  • You give the best “snuggle-wuggles”.  EVER.
  • You do not hold grudges like the girls.
  • You smell like a boy.  Act like a boy.  Play in dirt like a boy.  Love bugs like a boy.  Pick up a stick and pretend it’s a gun like a boy.  You are all boy.  (Other than when you are a ballerina! ha.)
  • You are obsessed with scissors and cutting things.  Makes me a bit nervous.  But you told your teachers you are NOT allowed to use markers even when she said it was ok in her classroom.  You insisted that “mom said no markers”.  Good listening.
  • You hoard things in your bed just like your sisters – blankets, stuffed animals and other lovies.
  • You love wearing a baseball hat.  Especially one with Mr. Red on it.
  • You want your birthday cake to have a baseball on it…or maybe Superman.  You can’t decide.
  • You rocked our world when you popped out and were a boy!  We’ve loved every minute with you the last three years!


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