Flying With Your Spouse – Together or Separate?


Have you taken a trip with your significant other and left the kids behind?

Andy and I have been fortunate to take a trip alone here and there since we’ve had kids.  But we’ve never flown together on those trips.

Do you (or would you) fly alone or together?

When I was in college I babysat a family whose mom and dad would never fly together without their kids.  And it made me think…hmmm…  Then it just kind of stuck with me.  I know it’s probably irrational.  (And it’s very morbid.)  There are more car crashes than plane crashes.  But if that plane goes down…chances are higher that neither survive.  Car crash?  I’m hoping for better odds.  I’m not driving separately for date nights!

So we are taking a quick overnight trip to another city for a corporate social event this fall.  And I just booked our flights…our separate flights.

Agree or think I’m crazy?

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  1. You are not alone! I have heard of many other people doing that! I haven’t, but then again, I haven’t been on a trip without kids since our oldest (and only at the time) was 1.

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