End of the Summer Blues


This is how I’m feeling these days y’all.  Like my poor tomato plants.  Trying to hang in there.  Not looking so good, but still thriving here and there.  And even producing something great – even if it’s just an itty-bitty-bit.

It’s the end-of-the-summer blues.  And more like end-of-the-summer-and-the-weather-sucks blues.  Don’t get me wrong…it did finally stop raining and the sun is out, but it’s COLD…for August.  75 is the high today.  It should be 100.  Ok, so maybe more like 85-90…but it should be POOL weather.  Not pumpkin weather.  And it’s been like this for way too long this summer.

And it affects our house.  The kids don’t understand why they can’t go swimming.  So I drag them to the pool and then they are crying and freezing.

I am having mommy-fail after mommy-fail because my brain is confused…is it summer?  Is it fall??

Last Friday was an all-time low.  I had to stop and ask myself, “When did I last bathe the kids?” I remembered going to swim lessons and the pool earlier that week…but a bath or shower for the kids?  Hmmm…maybe Monday?  And even scarier, “When was the last time I bathed?”  Wow, Mother Nature, I never knew how much you affected me…and my wits.

Like the tomato plant I try to balance the death-like mom fails with a super great red cherry tomato surprise.  Like the trip to the Columbus Zoo earlier this week that I decided on the night before and didn’t tell the kids until we were in the parking lot.

Don’t get me wrong.  The summer is filled with great memories.  But I’m definitely going to miss it and will be wishing for warmer weather next year.  I feel a bit gypped.  Just like last winter when we never really got any snow worth mentioning…yes, I’m still bitter we did not get one snow day.

We only have a few more days of summer before school starts for Stella next Thursday.  The weather forecast looks dreadful until then.  And of course, it will be 86 and clear as I put her on the bus according to the outlook…

Did school start again for you yet?

How are you spending your last days of summer?


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