Pink Panty Droppers Summer Cocktail


Looking for a new summer cocktail?

These Pink Panty Droppers were a big hit at my Fifty Shades of Grey Party last summer.  One of my neighborhood friends brought them with her.  And lucky for us, she had them again last week at a gathering at her house.  Otherwise known as…we-made-it-to-friday-and-now-we’ll-enjoy-happy-hour-til-our-husbands-get-home.  The kids had a good time too!  The witching hour isn’t so bad when you include friends, alchol, juice boxes and kid-friendly snacks.

Pink Panty Droppers:

  1. Take one can of frozen pink lemonade and dump it into a pitcher.
  2. Fill now-empty can with vodka.
  3. Dump into pitcher.
  4. Add three beers.
  5. Serve in a cup over some ice.

It’s that simple folks.  CHEERS!

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