I’m Still Here and Independent!


So, yep.  I’m still here.  Over the past month I’ve had a person I’ve never met before in real life working behind the scenes on transferring everything on my old Blogger blog over to this here WordPress blog.  Some might ask…huh?  Why?  First of all, I had no time to learn how to do it myself.  HA.  But basically because none of it was mine.  Technically it was Blogger’s…and since they are a part of Google, it was Google’s.  And at any moment it could go POOF!  And be gone.  Which is happening to more and more bloggers.  So now I’m self-hosted (sounds like I’m really smart or something, but bottom line is I pay someone a monthly fee to host my site now) and the content is MINE.

And, um, although most of the work has been completed for awhile…well…I’ve been too scared to log in.  For real.  Like makes-me-want-to-puke scared.  And since there are still a few kinks to work out, I used it as an excuse to just wait.  Wait until it was 100% finished.  Wait until it was 100% perfect.

But then I realized it has been ONE MONTH since my last post.  And with every day that passes, more and more of you forget about Take 10.  Heck, I forget about Take 10.

Now, some of you have stayed in touch via Instagram or my Facebook page.  So you’ve gotten to see way-too-many photos of the family, what we’ve been doing this summer, etc.  But they are just pictures.  They are not stories, opinions, thoughts that have been bouncing around my mind all this time…with nowhere to land.

And because of that I logged in for the first time.  Just a few minutes ago.  Then puked.  Not really.  Cried?  Almost.  Then I sat back down and said I CAN DO THIS.  The screen is different, the format confusing.  I have no f-ing idea what I am doing.  But I need to write.  To keep telling stories, sharing ideas, getting information out there.  To anyone who is left.  Seriously, is anyone still there??  Hello??  Other than my dad??

So for now it will look sloppy.  But I’m here.  It might take me some A LOT of time to get on a regular posting schedule again and have things look the way it should.  Until I figure out all of these buttons and choices and clicky options within the administrator screens.  I must admit I was about to hyperventilate and then noticed one sentence after almost every option in this new “foreign land”.

It says “Note: if you’re not sure what this does, do not check this box.”  I think they wrote it JUST FOR ME.

What are the rest of y’all doing this Independence Day? 

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  1. Congrats on the move! I LOVE WordPress – you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Happy 4th 🙂 Just dodging raindrops and hanging out here today.
    PS- it’s been a few weeks since my last post …must remedy that 😉
    Angie recently posted…Crazy, Crazier and CraziestMy Profile

  2. Welcome back!! I’ve missed you 🙂 Take your time and start slowly, you’ll get the hang of it again. And keep to your premise: 10 minutes of unloading and just writing – I LOVE that! How cool is it that your name is a website now?!

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