Why We Love Blooms and Berries Farm Market

If you were around here last fall, you might have seen my previous post on Blooms and Berries about their pumpkin patch.  We’ve trekked out there in the fall for a couple of years, but not for any other reason.

Until a few weeks ago.  I happened to see that they were hosting a Kids’ Night in early May.  And Andy was out of town so I thought it would be a fun way to fill our evening.

We were not disappointed.  The kids enjoyed the FREE cow train ride around the field.

They also loved seeing the baby chicks.  And picking out their own FREE flower to “plant” and take home.

I stocked up on some tomato plants, herbs and my seasonal favorite…vincas!

Next up at Blooms and BerriesStrawberry picking.  I want to do this with the kids this year, but the timing is limited.  The strawberries are out (I’ve been stalking following the Blooms and Berries Facebook page where they post updates) and tomorrow morning just might be the time for our adventure.

Do you have a favorite local farm?

Have you ever been strawberry or blueberry picking?


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