What’s Up? It’s Been a Week…

Why I haven’t posted on here in almost a week.  Hopefully you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook.
1. Henry stopped napping.
2. The weather was really super nice this past week.  As in, SHORTS weather.  Stella learned how to ride her bike and we’ve spent many hours in our cul-de-sac lately.  We truly live in an awesome neighborhood.  Even if it doesn’t have sidewalks or 3-car garages. My neighborhood mom friends are PRICELESS.
3. Henry stopped napping.
4. My in-laws came to visit Monday-Wednesday.  We got to take the kids to the zoo.  Lots of the Zoo Babies were out…including the new baby gorilla Gladys!  Adorable.
5. Henry stopped napping.
6. I took the kids to the park to walk a 2.8 mile loop to prepare Stella for her first 5k!  We’ll be walking the Girls on the Run 5k together next Saturday morning.  Who else is going???
7. Henry stopped napping!
8. Andy was out two nights for work events which makes me totally brain-dead by the time the kids are in bed and I sit down at the computer.
10. I’ve been working on some more behind-the-scenes blog stuff.  Otherwise known as…I spent HOURS trying to get a password reset from Google to get to my domain name.  OY!
11. HENRY STOPPED NAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. HENRY STOPPED NAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, how’s your week been???



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  1. So is this ‘stopped napping’ thing, good or bad? Mine is about to turn 3 and is a little sporadic with the naps. Sometimes I appreciate it, becuase we don’t have to schedule around the nap, but other times are horrible becuase she is so tired, yet WON’T SLEEP!! 🙂

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