The Good Side of Daycare

Stella’s note to her daycare teacher.
She’s delivering it tomorrow.

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I was focused on the mom who is ending her maternity leave and heading back to work.  I appreciate all of your comments on Facebook.  You added such great insights and positive thinking for a mom during a difficult transition.

There were definitely times I HATED my choice to work.  And more times (like more than stars in the sky) of doubt, guilt, etc.  Was I doing the right thing? 
And here are the things I told myself…the reasons I love daycare.  You may totally disagree with some of these, but they were things I had to remind myself to get through that bad day at work or that awful witching hour at home.  And yes, some are supposed to be for comic relief.  And no, none are meant to assume anything about kids with stay-at-home moms or kids at in-home sitters.
And don’t worry, the next post will be why I hate daycare.
I love daycare because…
It allowed me to continue to work and know that my kids were in a good place (because it was certified and all, right?  There are inspections, right?)
Someone else was holding my screaming baby who never quit crying those first few months.  Colic is evil.

My kids got into a great routine fast.  Naptime at home became much easier and like clockwork.
Someone else was changing that blow-out diaper and smelling that awful scent of formula.
My kids were quickly learning how to soothe themselves because they couldn’t be held 24/7.
My kids were adaptable.
I was never told if my kid experienced a “FIRST” while at daycare.  So I never felt like I missed out of any milestones.
My kids easily went to other adults (usually).  Side Note: Next post will be Why I Hate Daycare…one will be my kids’ lack of Stranger Danger.
I didn’t have to do any painting, gluing, extreme crafting, etc. at home.  That messy stuff was covered at daycare. 
My kids were used to everyone being served the same food for meals. 
My kids got to run, jump and play with friends in their age group every day.
My kid just came home one day and suddenly was using a spoon…and then an open cup.  I didn’t even realize it was that time already!
Most importantly = Potty training is much more awesome with peer pressure.  And the help of teachers.
And the list goes on and on…
What did I miss?


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  1. I love that my two and a half year old says “bye bye, see you tomorrow, love you” when he says goodbye to anyone. That is what he hears from the sitter. I love that he can be having the worst tantrum ever in the car, on the way, but when she steps outside to get him, he stops crying and gives her a hug. I love that when I walk in the door to pick him up he comes running to me. I love that she tells me that he is the most well behaved child she has. I love that she tells me that I’m a good mom. (as a first time mom it means a lot coming from someone who adopted 11 kids from the foster system) I love that my sitter was a foster parent for over 20 years, she adopted 11 of her 12 kids from the system.

    We Three Crabs

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