When the Planned Dinner Doesn’t Happen

I still want your kid snack ideas!!  So if you missed that post, go back, read it and COMMENT here or on Facebook.  I’m waiting…
Meanwhile…people are commenting or asking more and more about my weekly dinner planning.  If you haven’t noticed, I post “What’s Cooking?” over there on the right and it lists out our dinner plans for the week.
Most common question received is…”Do you stick to that each week?”
Usually.  Probably about 90% of the time.  Sometimes a meal will get switched to a different night, but we usually stick to it.  It helps me plan for our vegetable delivery.  Which we still LOVE.  It helps me not worry about what’s for dinner during the witching hour.
But there are still nights when the menu gets tossed aside.  Like last night.  I discovered that the kids had spaghetti and meatballs for lunch at school.  So…I was not going to force pasta on them for dinner.  Instead we had oatmeal, sausage links and fruit.  (That photo is HORRIBLE, sorry.)  And Andy and I also had some frozen baby quiche appetizers that were in the freezer from a previous event.


Similar thing happened tonight.  Grilled turkey and cheese just didn’t sound great.  Mainly because I had found one of our favorite pastas on coupon while at Costco on Monday.  So instead, we’ll pack turkey, cheese and crackers for our zoo picnic tomorrow evening.  And tonight I made one batch of the Grilled Chicken and Mozzarella Ravioli for all of us (threw the other package in the freezer for another week).  Once boiled, I put the cooked ravioli in a pot with my favorite pasta sauce and add some sauteed spinach before mixing all together.  YUM!  Not one person complained. 

Do you meal plan each week or just wing it each night?


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