What Are You Reading?

Now that I’m not working anymore, one of my goals is to finally read some of the books stacked up by my bed.  I have probably 15-20 books I’ve accumulated that I really want to read.
Some of you saw on my Facebook page that I actually managed to finish Firefly Lane.  It definitely kept my interest and I love how it spanned many different decades.  I just totally hated the ending.  And then I was ok with it.  And I’d finally moved on.  Only to discover that the sequel Fly Away came out THIS WEEK.  I wanted to rush right out and get it to find out…what the hell happens next???  But, I’m waiting.
I promised myself I wouldn’t by anymore books until I got through some more of that stack.  So I picked up Me & Emma.  I think it was a book club pick from last year…one I missed.  I started it and it’s kind of depressing.  No, really depressing.
So when my mom brought over one of the latest books from Sophie Kinsella, I jumped right into it.  I have enjoyed all of her Shopaholic books.  This one is not from that series.  It seems to be a newer standalone novel.  I laughed, I cried.  I totally neglected my spouse and my children.  I read it in less than four days.  A record lately. 
So now I’m deciding, what next?  Do I finish Me & Emma?  Do I start Lean In which I’m reading for an online book club or am I now to far removed from the business world to even care (ha…no!)?  Do I read The Great Gatsby because of the movie?  Hmmm…
Meanwhile, Stella has taken a break from Magic Tree House and Cam Jansen.  She’s been enjoying a lot of the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series.  The illustrator even gave her a Twitter “hello” after seeing the photo of her reading it in Starbucks!  Now she’s on Ralph the Mouse.
It’s no huge surprise she’s an avid reader…I’m a reader, Andy’s a reader, my mom is a reader, my dad is a reader, Andy’s parents are readers, etc.  We are definitely a family of READERS.  Ha!
We love our books.  And read them whenever we can…


What are you reading?


What are your kids reading?



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