Spring…the Return of Smoothies


There’s something about spring and warmer weather (ok, we’ve at least had a few days above 65) that makes my kids want smoothies more. 
If you’ve been reading for awhile then you know I’ve tried to do the Green Monster spinach thing in the past…and failed.
And I LOVE gross, yucky bananas because they are perfect for smoothies.
Here’s our latest recipe:
1 single-serve container of yogurt (current favorite = 6 oz. of Chobani strawberry)
2 bananas
6-8 strawberries
1 cup of spinach (don’t let kids see you add this)
1-2 tbsp of honey
handful of ice
YUM!  I serve it in those cups shown above so that they have no idea it’s a green-ish color from the spinach.  And everyone loves a smoothie with a straw!
What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?


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