Kids First Fit First – Get Off the Couch and GO!


Many locals have heard of Kids First.  Heck, many of us have already spent thousands there in swim lessons, gymnastics, basketball, dance, etc. for our kids.  They run some of the best programs and camps in the city.

But did you know that now YOU can get fit there as well?  Even if your kid is not currently doing anything at Kids First.

Part of the building is now dedicated to Fit First:

“…a fully enclosed, multipurpose workout facility designed for quick, 30 minute sessions conveniently timed to be concurrent with your children’s classes! No need to juggle schedules or hire a babysitter. FitFirst is a spacious, uncluttered workout space conveniently located centrally in Kids First lower level in our former salon.” – Kids First website

I started going there when the girls had gymnastics on Tuesday nights.  I’d drop them at 6:20 and then head to the 6:25 cardio class and finished just in time to pick them back up at the end of their class…perfect!

Now that I’m not working, our schedule at home has changed.  However, I still head to Fit First every Thursday morning while they are at preschool.

Why you should go to Fit First:

If your kids are already doing stuff there, it’s a no-brainer for your chance to exercise because the times match Kids First class schedules.

There is no membership or commitment.  Your kids don’t even have to be at Kids First.

It’s a punch-pass process.  So if you can’t go one week, you lose NOTHING and don’t have to worry about making up a class.  And if you can’t go Tuesday, but want to go Wednesday…no big deal.  Just show up!

It’s a very economical punch-pass compared to other fitness classes.  $90 for a 10-pass punch card AND once you get 10 punches, you bring your card in for a free class.  Or $11 for a drop-in single class.  I looked around and a lot of places are $12-15/class now.

Drew (instructor) is an expert at what he does and does not intimidate anyone.  Trust me, since the program is new, I’m often the ONLY person in the class.

No two classes are ever the same.  Each time I go it’s a brand new experience.

So, what happens in class?

Well, the classes I’ve attended have included some cardio (run and jump-rope in place, etc.) and some body sculpting (weights, resistance bands, etc.) And there are planks, burpees, lunges, side shuffles, jumps, etc.  The 30 minutes just flies by.

AND…sometimes Fit First offers special 1-hour sessions.  You work out for an hour while your kids (ages 2 and up) get to do crafts and play in the room upstairs.  It was a total hit with all three of my kiddos – they didn’t want to leave!  Best $15 I spent all month.  And the workout was in the larger gym (shown above).  I’m a bit too old to be running suicides, but I did it!

The kids colored, watched sponge animals grow, and made butterflies.


So, talk to me.


Are you working out?


How do you fit it in?


If this Fit First program interests you, what’s holding you back?


True logistic situations/issues?


Or your self-motivation?


I really hope this Fit First program continues.  I’m loving it! 

Visit the Fit First page to see hours and descriptions of all classes.



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